Please forgive Ray (Chris)

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Alfie Davies

Please forgive Ray (Chris)


Post by Alfie Davies »

He's been going through a more severe pedophilic phase again and has a hard time controlling his sick urges. We at the Ilford Pedophile Anonymous Association are doing our best to help him overcome his unsatiable sexual lust for kids. His frequent trips to the bariatric ward due to his schizo and diabetes acting up have made his attendances to IPAA meetings harder too.
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ChrisMongohomo Great Britain
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Re: Please forgive Ray (Chris)


Post by ChrisMongohomo »

Hiya Alfie, how's ur son m8? What's the address for his foster home? Just wondering, ta
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Vegeta United States of America
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Re: Please forgive Ray (Chris)


Post by Vegeta »

Alfie, you gotta do something about Raymond. He's out of control.
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OldPyjama Belgium
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Re: Please forgive Ray (Chris)


Post by OldPyjama »

May I suggest brutally Robespierring the fat pedo?
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Re: Please forgive Ray (Chris)


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