List of people who should die miserably in 2023

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OldPyjama Belgium
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List of people who should die miserably in 2023


Post by OldPyjama »

The following people are trash and need to die preferably by being impaled by an electric pole that fell from a crane, all the way through their shit-infestred throat out of their filthy re(K)tum. PLease feel free to add more to the list
- Elon Musk
- Jeff Bezos
- Donald Trump
- Vladimir Putin
- Shia LeButtfuck
- Kanye Niggerwest
- All the Kardashishioshashishioshashishans
- Ellen Degenerate

The Holy Deathpuke be praised, the following people did the world a favor and fucking died in 2022. Good riddance.
- The Bogdanoff twins. The fuck were these abominations? Fuck both of these ugly shitstabs
- Jordan Cashmyer. No idea what this THOT is famous for, but any dead THOT is a good THOT.
- Queen Elizabeth: the old hag finally bit the fucking bullet. And was promply replaced by a pedophile shitstab king. Fail UK
- Coolio: fucking nigger rapper wannabe cunt cock. Glad this narcissist cunt is dead.

Pray to the HOly Puke, the HOly Shitfart and The Master of Rape, OCP for death to come soon for these human trash.
Succumb to the Pukefukk! Long live OCP and Maximilien de Robespierre
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Vegeta United States of America
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Re: List of people who should die miserably in 2023


Post by Vegeta »

-King Charles III
-Vladimir Putin
-Volodymyr Zelensky
-Joe Biden
-Mitch McConnell
-Bernie Sanders
-The entire cast of CNN
-The entire cast of Fox News
-Klaus Schwab
-George Soros
-Mark Zuckerberg
-Bill Gates
-Henry Kissinger
-Sheldon Adelson
-The entire Rockefeller family
-The entire Rothschild family
-Bill and Hillary Clinton
-Jeb and George W. Bush
-The entire United States Congress and Supreme Court
-The entire EU Parliament
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ChrisMuttonshutter Great Britain
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Re: List of people who should die miserably in 2023


Post by ChrisMuttonshutter »

You seem upset david :wink:
ChrisM has left the building
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