Avatars don't work.

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RightWingConspirator United States of America
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Avatars don't work.


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Just like that movie.
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admin Great Britain
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Re: Avatars don't work.


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Other users' avatars seem to be working. Are you trying to add a new one? Keep in mind that it must be between 20x20 and 200x200. JPEG format is preferred.
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Phreakwars Bahamas
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Re: Avatars don't work.


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Works fine for me, just changed mine. Used a .PNG image for transparency even. Just make sure it's 200x200 pixels or smaller and it should work.
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Zoink Belgium
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Re: Avatars don't work.


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Thought you'd fucked off Eric :wink:
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ChrisMuttonshutter Israel
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Re: Avatars don't work.


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Have faith old one ....
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