I fucked

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I fucked


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Your mum
In the bum
Till I cum
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Chris' mum

Re: I fucked


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And I liked it
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RightWingConspirator United States of America
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Re: I fucked


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Just farted out a Little Caesar's Slices n' Stix. Really splattered the bowl good.
I love you all, my fart brothers and sisters. And niggAz too.
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Re: I fucked


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Was watching "Westworld" earlier, and I'm pretty sure that one guy is RWC.

https://westworld.fandom.com/wiki/Logan ... philosophy.
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OldPyjama Belgium
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Re: I fucked


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That is not very nice of you. Please hang yourself.
Succumb to the Pukefukk! OCP LIVES IN DEATH! His coming will bring forth the rise of the Rape, the Massive Shitfarts and the Pukefukk of all jEwish niggAz.be m8

How to own yourself.
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ChrisMuttonshutter Great Britain
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Re: I fucked


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Old jimmyjams is upset
Moral Turpitude Specialist
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